Do you support the continued funding of $5.37 (of which $1.34 is for Return to Aid, an administrative assessment of $0.26 will be charged to all non-capital expenditures and $0.04 is for the Associated Students recharge fee, $3.77 will go CFF) per AS/UCSB Membership per quarter (fall, winter, spring, summer) for CFF?

Pro Statements

Community Financial Fund (CFF)’s mission is to enhance students’ understanding of financial literacy topics for a lifetime of financial well-being. Over the past 10 years, CFF has provided financial assistance to students through a grant program administered in tandem with our financial literacy workshops. All UCSB students who attend one of our workshops are eligible to receive a grant upon completion. It is the only financial literacy program on campus facilitating regular workshops. With its current funding, the grant program serves about 330 students every quarter.

In addition to the grant program, CFF regularly offers a Spring Speaker Series during which we bring professional financial educators to speak to UCSB students about topics such as financial aid, budgeting, investing, and taxes. During these unprecedented times, CFF added additional speaker events in Fall and Winter quarters, engaged with students by providing online resources, and launched a new peer advising service.

It is vital that CFF receives students’ financial support in order to continue serving the student population by providing grants and financial literacy services. Your continued support of $3.77 per quarter can help positively impact the lives of your fellow Gauchos. With your vote, CFF will be able to better serve our community. Please vote YES on the CFF Lock-In!

Con Statements

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