Do you support the continued funding of $3.17* (of which $0.79 is for Return to aid and $2.38 will go to Arts and Lectures) per AS/UCSB Membership per quarter (fall, winter, spring) and 3.17* (of which $0.79 is for Return to Aid and $2.38 will go to Arts and Lectures) for summer quarter for Arts and Lectures?

Pro Statements

Arts & Lectures presents more than 100 public events annually, including films, lectures, and performances by world-class artists and influential speakers. Notable upcoming figures include: His Holiness The Dalai Lama, Jane Goodall, Yo-Yo Ma and Bryan Stevenson. Most visiting artists and lecturers engage directly with UCSB students as part of their residency through classroom visits, master classes, meet-the-artists discussions and workshops. UCSB students enjoy heavily discounted tickets or free admission to events. This academic year, A&L offered UCSB students free admission to all events, including its acclaimed Race to Justice and popular House Calls virtual event series, as well as free movies at West-Wind Drive-In. A&L employs dozens of UCSB students; and this year, A&L continued to employ students remotely. With renewed support, A&L will serve UCSB students through its traditional channels and by using creative programming and technologies to ensure continued access to A&L student benefits.

Con Statements

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