Do you support the continued funding of $2.12 per ASUCSB membership for Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer quarters to support Trans & Queer Commission students at UCSB (of the $2.12 collected, $0.53 is for a 25% return to aid, $0.10 is for a 7% administrative assessment collected on all non-capital expenditures, $0.01 is for the 1% AS recharge fee and $1.48 will go to TQComm)? If reaffirmed, the fee would subject to reaffirmation every two years thereafter as mandated by the AS Constitution.

Pro Statements

Queer Commission ( is an Associated Students Entity that is committed to providing education, social advocacy, and funding for our LGBTQ+ communities at UCSB and beyond. Utilizing student fees, Queer Commission is able to distribute funds to crucial queer & trans focused organizations at UCSB that work to build community and support for LGBTQ+ people. Our larger projects include organizing a delegation for the Queer & Trans People of Color Conference and hosting our annual UCSB PRIDE Week which draws engagement from hundreds of people in our communities. Queer Commission also works closely with the Resource Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity ( in contributing funding to their projects and coordinating leadership among UCSB’s LGBTQ+ orgs. Reaffirming the lock-in fee for Queer Commission will ensure our continued work to support our LGBTQ+ communities!

Con Statements

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