Do you support the continued funding of the mandatory fee of $2.00 per undergraduate student for Fall, Winter and Spring quarter and $0.67 for Summer to support (of the $2.00 collected $0.50 is for return to aid, $0.02 is for administrative fee, $0.04 is for the AS recharge fee and $1.44 will go to IV Arts); in the summer $0.67 (of the $0.67 collected $0.17 is for Return to Aid, $0.01 is for administrative fee, $0.01 is for the AS recharge fee and $0.48 will go to IV Arts)?If reaffirmed, the fee would be subject to reaffirmation every two years as mandated the AS constitution.

Pro Statements

If you have enjoyed any of the following events in Isla Vista, please consider voting for the renewal of Isla Vista Arts’ funding. Every Friday night IV LIVE presents a new show by Improvability, ranging from the Naughty & Nice to Survivor Night, topped off each spring by 24-hours of continuous comedy during Improvathon. Isla Vista Theater hosts many cinematic splendors courtesy of Magic Lantern’s diverse weekly programming, from Hollywood blockbusters like The Shape of Water to art house fare like Anamolisa, or our annual Lord of the Rings marathon. Award-winning WORD: Isla Vista Arts & Culture Magazine keeps its finger on the pulse of IV, with rants by The Albino Raccoon and big feature stories that dissect community life– from festival culture to profiles of IV citizens. IV Arts mixes it up with colorful collaborations including Magic Lantern’s annual Halloween screening of Rocky Horror Picture Show paired with UCSB actors, the annual WORDstock free concert, THE BOX art gallery, and our outdoor summer film series. This spring Shakespeare in Anisq’Oyo’ Park presents Romeo & Juliet: Bring a blanket, bring a lover. IV Arts is a University-sponsored arts organization, run by students and dedicated to the proposition that IV should always be a fascinating place to find yourself at home. Please consider supporting IV Arts with your vote.

Con Statements

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