Storke Party

Party Statement

Storke Party aims to transcend the division present in our community, uniting to make a more inclusive and diverse environment for all students to prosper. Arming students with resources and knowledge, we can overcome hardships in order to thrive in both academia and college life. Together we will rise above!

Abigail Merkel - Off Campus Senator
Aijia Wang - International Senator
Alexander Liebetrau - Off Campus Senator
Anahita Moghaddam Jafary - External Vice President - Local Affairs
Avital Rutenburg - Collegiate Senator - Letters & Science
Cassandra Chow - Collegiate Senator - Creative Studies
Coltin Sanders - Off Campus Senator
David Gjerde - Off Campus Senator
Elizabeth Garabedian - Collegiate Senator - Letters & Science
Erick Aragon Alvarado - University Owned Off-Campus Senator
Ethan Engler - On Campus Senator
Gurleen Pabla - Internal Vice President
Jamison Evans - Off Campus Senator
Jonathan Alberts - Off Campus Senator
Jonathan Roberts - Off Campus Senator
Kian Mirshokri - Off Campus Senator
Megan Khobian - Off Campus Senator
Phillip Huynh - External Vice President - Statewide Affairs
Taylor Tait - Collegiate Senator - Letters & Science
Winston Yan - Off Campus Senator
Yuval Cohen - President
Zachary Brenner - Transfer Senator
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