Isla Vista Party

Party Statement

The mission of the Isla Vista Party is to provide a platform where student voices are empowered through legislative action, administrative lobbying, and direct resources and services provided through both Associated Students and UCSB. We hope to increase student representation of marginalized identities and advocate on behalf of all students. Our mission is to create a campus where students, the only people who pay to be here, have the foremost say in the decisions made about their education and their campus.
Our priorities are;
1) A safe return to campus,
2) Access to safe and fair housing,
3) Ensuring student safety,
4) Solidarity with survivors of SV/SH & DV,
5) Promoting food security,
6) Promoting additional mental health resources and accessibility,
7) And combating hate speech and violence.
We believe that creating an organization where every member feels included and valued for their political perspective, personal experiences, and insight is pivotal to the progress we hope to ensure in Associated Students at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

April Zhang - International Senator
Bee Schaefer - Internal Vice President
Brieonni Johnson - Off Campus Senator
Caria Lee - Off Campus Senator
Erika Ramos - University Owned Off-Campus Senator
Esmeralda Quintero-Cubillan - External Vice President - Statewide Affairs
Hailey Stankiewicz - Collegiate Senator - Letters & Science
Hannah Lee - Transfer Senator
Jessy Gonzalez - On Campus Senator
Luisa Ramirez - Off Campus Senator
Nicole Bongard - Off Campus Senator
Ranna Zahabi - Off Campus Senator
Shannon Sweeney - External Vice President - Local Affairs
Shva Star - President
Sierra Vakili - Collegiate Senator - Creative Studies
Vincent Tran - Collegiate Senator - Letters & Science
Isla Vista Party Isla Vista Party Isla Vista Party Isla Vista Party