Campus United

Party Statement


Campus United puts you first. We see the beauty of our university reflected in diverse opinions, backgrounds, and identities. The differences among us only strengthen our commitment to enhancing the student experience, since it is one we all share.

Campus United amplifies your voice. Associated Students was established with the vision of providing abundant and equal resources for every student. Our goal is to materialize your student fees into change you can see. We pledge to open channels of communication and advocate for your needs within our university.

With your support, our focus will remain on addressing clear consensus student issues. Vital services. Communal safety. Academic distinction.

We stand united when students come first.


+ Academic Distinction
We support academic accessibility through more advising resources by adding hours and personnel. In addition, we will strive to create an affordable education by providing for more student jobs in peer advising and increased textbook price relief.

+ Social Justice
We support a vision of social justice that includes all minority groups, and does not take positions or actions that harm student interests on a personal, collective, academic, financial, or professional level.

+ Student Well-Being
We support an environment that promotes the physical and mental well being of students through capital improvements, mental health first aid training, and increased access to Counseling & Psychological Services.

+ Vital Resources
We support responsible management of student fees to establish much needed resources such as a greater accessibility to the Associated Students Food Bank, an Alternative Transportation Program, and better maintenance of our bike paths.

+ Communal Safety
We support a model of community policing in which students, community members, and law enforcement collaborate to focus on true issues of safety. We continually work towards implementing self-governance in Isla Vista.

Adam Bagul - On Campus Senator
Adam Majcher - On Campus Senator
Ahura “Ahu” Nezhad - Transfer Senator
Aimee Wang - Collegiate Senator - Letters & Science
Beau Karnsrithong - External Vice President - Statewide Affairs
Bryanna  Macias - On Campus Senator
Calvin Jenkins - Collegiate Senator - Engineering
Cameron Parker - Off Campus Senator
Catherine Flaherty - Off Campus Senator
Daevionne Beasley - President
Daniel Mitchell - Collegiate Senator - Creative Studies
Dylan Martínez - Off Campus Senator
Fabian Oseguera - Off Campus Senator
Gurleen Pabla - On Campus Senator
Hayley Slater - Collegiate Senator - Letters & Science
Jackson Tofft - Off Campus Senator
Jesse Macias - University Owned Off-Campus Senator
Jianing “Bruce” Fan - Off Campus Senator
Kaitlyn Medland - Off Campus Senator
Karsten Kolbe - Off Campus Senator
Lea Toubian - External Vice President - Local Affairs
Marcello Cutri - Collegiate Senator - Letters & Science
Nathan Le - Off Campus Senator
Phillip Huynh - Collegiate Senator - Letters & Science
Taylor Tait - On Campus Senator
Tianna White - Internal Vice President
Yehuda Jian - Off Campus Senator
Yuval Cohen - Off Campus Senator
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