Ayden Casey-Demirtjis
Student Advocate General


My name is Ayden Casey-Demirtjis, but I also go by Thurgie. I am running for STUDENT ADVOCATE GENERAL because I believe that I have the ability to help bring about change that will benefit us all. As STUDENT ADVOCATE GENERAL, my key issues will be ensuring the physical safety and the political rights of students on campus, as well as addressing the student housing crisis.

I am the son of two survivors of college sexual assault. Since coming to UCSB, I have witnessed countless friends of mine go through what my mothers went through, only to be met with apathy from the administration and police. Furthermore, I have seen friends struggle with homelessness, debt, and food insecurity because of the housing crisis. We each pay an insane amount in rent for houses that are in horrid condition. All the while, elected officials have focused more on silencing and harassing students for their political opinions.

Within AS, personal beliefs have been used to champion unpopular decisions while neglecting the actual needs of students. That is something I am going to change. On my own, I have already worked to this end by exposing misconduct, but if elected I will have the ability to enact the change that will help improve this school. These changes involve shifting university funding from investing in corporations to investing in students through rent relief and the prevention of sexual assault through pre-emptive measures (education, deterrance) as well as responsive measures (better reporting systems, more stringent consequences).

Many administrators and student officials have neglected the student body's interests in favor of personal interest. To demonstrate that I stand firmly against this, I guarantee that 100% of my AS wages will be donated to our community. Vote for me as your STUDENT ADVOCATE GENERAL, and I promise that I will place the needs of the public over any personal beliefs or interest, and work tirelessly to resolve the issues facing our student body.

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